GMC has transformed the lowly pickup truck tailgate into an amazing multitool to make your life easier. The six separate functions available on the 2019 Sierra Denali, Sierra AT4, and Sierra SLT models can be combined to perform many different tasks.

Visit us here at Titus-Will Chevrolet Buick GMC to experience the Sierra's innovative MultiPro™ Tailgate for yourself. 
Six Functions, Infinite Functionality 

The first function of the MultiPro™ is that of a conventional tailgate hinged at the bottom. The larger gate contains a smaller inner gate that can be used in several ingenious ways.

Load stop - It can be used as a load stop for lumber, moving boxes or a load of plants from the garden center.

Bed Extender - When the main gate is open, the inner gate can be used to get a bit more length.

Easy Access - This function allows you to reach into the bed easier to get to the cargo. No more bruised ribs reaching for that last bag of potting soil.

Extra Step - The inner gate folds down into an extra step for access to the truck bed. The step holds up to 375 lbs. and makes getting in and out of the cargo area so much easier. The step is a comfortable 48 inches deep and there are pop up hand holds on the sides of the bed for extra support.

Work Shelf - Anyone who owns a pickup truck uses the tailgate as a work surface, but the MultiPro™ takes it a step further. When the primary gate is up, the secondary gate can be lowered to create an extra worksurface. This is perfect for contractors to do paperwork on the job, a great place to clean those trout you just caught or to prep those burgers for the grill at a tailgating event.

Available Extras

The Sierra also offers a couple of extras that take the MultiPro™ up a notch further. You can get a 120 volt electrical outlet in the bed to plug in tools or charge a laptop. And the available KICKER® MultiPro™ Sound System turns your Sierra into the ultimate tailgate set up.



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