When your vehicle is need of routine maintenance or repairs, you have to make the decision of where to get your vehicle serviced. The service department at a dealership is a great option because it has the expertise and resources to effectively work on your vehicle and quickly get it back on the road.

Visit our service department at Titus-Will Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac for any necessary parts replacements, repairs or general maintenance. 

The service technicians at a dealership have specialized knowledge of specific vehicles. For example, at Titus-Will Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, the GM Certified Service experts are highly-trained to service your GM vehicle. With a combination of manufacturer training and experience working on your model, service technicians have the ability to properly inspect and fix your vehicle.

If your vehicle is under warranty, choosing to go to a dealership instead of an independent repair shop can help you save money on service. A service technician at a dealership can perform certain repairs and service for free while your vehicle is under warranty. In addition, a dealership is able to offer a manufacturer-backed extended warranty on your vehicle. These types of warranties can help you save money at an array of different dealerships, which is helpful if you need service while on a road trip out of state. A dealership may also provide a warranty on its repairs so you can have any issues with the repair fixed and have peace of mind as you leave the service department.

Dealerships utilize high-quality parts, which are specifically meant for certain vehicles. While an independent shop can offer aftermarket parts, parts at a dealership are usually superior to aftermarket parts. Plus, dealerships tend to have better equipment than independent shops since dealerships use factory-made equipment. As such, you can rely on a dealership to properly service your vehicle.



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